After four and a half years of lively meetings, delicious food and inventive recipes we have decided to call time on our small group. Our numbers have dwindled over the last year and we had been unable to attract new members. It is therefore with some reluctance we made the sad decision to disband.

During our time together we have tasted some fabulous meals, watched some excellent demonstrations, invited interesting speakers and enjoyed meals out. Most importantly we have amassed a catalogue of hundreds of recipes which we all agree have proved useful for entertaining and cooking for our families. We have learned a lot and had a great deal of fun.

I will miss adding new recipes to my repertoire but most of all I will miss meeting up regularly with such a talented group of people

For a final bash we will going to Rumseys in Thame to learn how to make chocolate and enjoy a farewell meal together

Thanks to all members past and present who made this group such a success.

Bobby Cadwallader

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