Poland 2017

Franciscan Church Choristers??

Pictures by Peter Ashton

Franciscan Church Stained Glass





Tourist Transport -Dalmatian Horses

Wawel Cathedral and Royal Castle


Now, Listen Here!

The Cloth Hall

Wieliczka Salt Mine- Princess Kinga in Rock Salt

Rock Salt Bust of King Kazimierz III

More Steps in the Salt Mine!


Auschwitz- Memorial to Victims

Chocholow- UNESCO-listed Wooden Houses

Zakopane- Street Vendors

Trabant Trip to Nova Huta

Group Gathering

Give Us a Chip, Ron!

Last Supper String Trio

Clean Plates at the Last Supper

Intellectuals Deep in Conversation

Mulled Beer!

Local Bread and Cheese

Getting Around in the Rain

National Museum

Art Nouveau Caryatids


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