We hope to restart the regular Monthly Meeting using Zoom from October onwards.

Some groups continue  in various ways  or are making contributions to this website.

Please contact the group leader for the latest information

Local Images supplied by our Photography Group & Others

Photographs above supplied by the Photography for Pleasure Group

Welcome to Aylesbury Vale U3A website. Here you will find the latest news about membership, regular meetings and the groups that are run from our U3A. We have a regular monthly meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at The Bowls Centre at Stoke Mandeville Stadium where we can find out what’s going on in the various groups, meet up with friends, as well as hear informative and entertaining talks by a variety of speakers. The 3rd Tuesday of alternate months we have a coffee morning at the Watermead Inn where we can get together in a more informal way and chat over cups of tea or coffee. We pride ourselves on being a very friendly group of people who like to come together to learn something new whilst making new friends and learning new skills. So if this sounds like you do get in touch.

Portraits of Elizabeth 1 – Thames Valley Zoom Event

There is a Zoom meeting arranged by Thames Valley Network on 11th Nov at 2.30 when Professor Doran will discuss the portraits of Elizabeth 1 and their meaning.(see full details in the attached flyer and apply using the application form). Closing date Tues 3rd Nov

Amazon Tour

Unfortunately our Amazon Tours planned for earlier in the year were postponed and they have just announced, understandably, that there is no prospect of them resuming in the near future so they have created a short video illustrating some of what we might have seen. It is not as good as the visit but it is still an interesting insight into the process and the technology behind the arrival of your brown cardboard box.

The video lasts about 10 mins

Groups – The Latest

These Groups are continuing to meet in various ways e.g. Zoom, email, telephone etc. If you are interested please contact the group leader for details.

Camping & Caravanning.
Creative Writing 1.
Creative Writing 2.
Gentle Walks.
German Conversation.
Lets Talk French.
Poetry 1.
Poetry 2.
Poetry 3.
Quiz Group.
Readers Circle 1.
Readers Circle 2.
Readers Circle 3.
Sounds of the Sixties.
Sounds of the Fifties and Seventies.
Local Walks.

Photography for Pleasure may join them soon.

Bus Passes

Although you may not have used it recently – have you checked your bus pass?

You may find that it ran out on your last birthday.

You can renew online.

or ringing the automated telephone service

 01296 873 011.




Peter Harding would like to draw your attention to an interesting program showing on BBC2 at 9.00pm on Tuesdays (and probably on iPlayer) about some of the archaeological work being done in preparation for the construction of HS2.I wonder whether our Woodhenge discovered in Wendover and Stoke Mandeville Old Church will  get a mention?

The picture shows early work being started in St James Cemetary where 60,00 bodies are being excavated and moved

What’s New?


Every Thursday Mike McCabe contributes a new Quiz on a variety of subjects – the answers follow one week later.  Try them yourselves and get family and friends involved

Sounds of the 50s/60s/70s

New presentations appear regularly. Latest contributions include ‘Wild Women Pt 2’ and ‘Sun Records’ 

For Amusement

Includes:- some amusing candidates for safety awards, suggestions for maintaing a level of insanity in old age, some politically incorrect adverts of old, some more cartoons and another collection of amusing videos selected by Chiltern U3A

Art & Craft

Examples of work being done by our painting and art and craft groups