October EGM and AGM

The recording of the EGM, AGM and Group Leaders’ announcements  is below

The change to the objects of the association were accepted.

Sheila Satterthwaite was appointed Chairman
Mike Park was appointed Treasurer
as Greig and Richard have served their 3 year period in those offices
Jane Trow was confirmed as group co-ordinator
Dan Mcgregor joins the committee

Tickets are still available for the Quiz & Fish & Chip Supper on 25th Oct contact Mary
A few tickets are still available for the Christmas Rock’n’Roll party on Dec 13th contact John

Diaries will be on sale at the November meeting

There are two groups in danger of closing unless somebody(one or more) comes forward and volunteers to run them.

Wildlife and Nature Watch

Gardening Group  – The planned program and visits will continue until the New Year but nothing is currently planned for 2019

If you would like more information please contact Jane (Groups co-ordinator) or Alan (Wildlife and Nature Watch) or Chris (Gardening)


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