London Walk Friday 15th Nov

The November walk is due to take place on Friday 15th November, and we will be exploring Soho.
Soho is an area full of history and interest. On the walk we will see the house where the first television took place; the Trident Studios where the recording of such songs such as Hey Jude, Ziggy Stardust, and Bohemian Rhapsody took place. We also come across the unexpected – a restored public swimming pool in Marshall Street. There is a considerable French influence in the area and the pub ‘French House’ was the unofficial headquarters of the Free French in WWII. I am hoping to continue the French theme by visiting an exquisite Art Deco styled restaurant for lunch.
The photos are of the swimming pool and ‘Big Bra and Corset’ from Kalliopi Lemos’s ‘Tools of Endearment’ in Golden Square.

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