TV Licence Scam

Please be aware there are a number of TV licence scams circulating at the moment.

If in any doubt go to the Official TV Licensing Site.

Here is some advice on TV Licence scams.

Sample Scam

Due to outdated TV Licence account details, your account has been flagged and it will be suspended if you will provide no response at this Notification.
Next up you need to verify your TV Licence account.
How to easily update your TV Licensing.
To update your details, you will need to tell us:

Step 1: your personal details like date of birth, current address and phone number.
Step 2: your payment method.
Step 3: your official identity informatio.

Updating your account regularly is easy to do and could help keep the cybercriminals even further away from accessing your personal and financial information.

Kind regards,

Alice Porter Senior. Manager Secure Sites  TVL Digital