Vaccination Update

The Centres at the Bowl Centre run by the Aylesbury and surrounds GPs and the Odeon run by the local pharmasists are both up and running.  Your G will contact you and  and offer you the opportunity to book an appointment at the Bowls Centre  or you may get a letter from the National NHS offering you  the opportunity to book an appointment at one of the National Centres or one of the pharmacy run centres e.g. the Odeon. The GPs seem to issuing their invites by priority group in alphabetical order..

Beware Scammers at Large

Unfortunately there are still scammers at large trying to take the opportunity to get cash or your personal details during this difficult time.  They have gone to great lengths to make their website look very much like an official NHS one.  Remember the NHS has all the personal information about you that they need so will not ask you to ‘verify’ yourself by asking for bank details, passport details etc.

Some more details on the BBC Website