Thames Valley Network

The Thames Valley Network is putting together the programme for 2020. Here is a brief list of talks/study days already announced.  Full details and application forms will be added to our website as they become available.

  •  8th Apr 2020 – Cyber Crime “Protect your world” at King’s Church, Amersham
  • 23rd Apr 2020 – Understanding Historic Buildings-  Study day at Benson
  • 29th May 2020 – Geology of the Thames Valley – Study day at Benson
  • 24th Jun 2020 – Visit to RHS Wisley
  •  3rd Jul 2020 – The Environment and Biodiversity – Study day at Benson


Two warnings courtesy of Roy Knight

If you are in a car park in your car and someone confesses to bumping into your car whilst you were away and invites you out to inspect the damage – lock your car when you get out or risk losing your car, your handbag, phone etc while they distract you.

At this time of year, when so many are using Amazon, the Prime scam is appearing by phone, email or text saying that you have signed up for the Prime service and there is an issue with payment.   If you are in any doubt contact Amazon directly through their website or just ignore the message

Mature Drivers Course

Free On-Line Course for Mature Drivers

Driving is an important part of life for many residents of Buckinghamshire, enabling independence – but as we age, driving can become more stressful. That’s why, throughout October, Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) is promoting safety awareness for older drivers.  To support mature drivers and their families, TfB has developed an online e-learning module.

The module contains all the information you need to retain independence and continue driving safely for as long as possible and can be accessed via

The module covers:

  • Fitness to drive – recognising how changes to eyesight and age related conditions may affect your driving
  • Ability – recognise if and how your driving is changing
  • Medication – the law relating to drugs and medication
  • Improving your skills – developing your hazard perception skills
  • Vehicle – choosing a car and knowing what vehicle adaptations are available
  • Licencing – information about licencing and DVLA rules and procedures
  • Driving assessments – which can restore confidence and offer reassurance to families of older drivers

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Transport Member, Mark Shaw said:
“Experienced drivers are generally safer than those with less experience, but as we age, our health can begin to decline, including our eyesight and reaction times. There’s no need to worry, though – there are a number of ways that drivers can help themselves to continue driving safely. A good place to start is by completing the online e-learning module. The module contains lots of useful information from choosing a car, adaptions to help with mobility through to hazard perception training.”

In addition to the e-module, TfB also offer mature driver assessments, which may also help restore confidence, support drivers or just offer reassurance. For more information on driving assessments, and to access the e-learning module, visit

Venue for Monthly Meetings

We will be meeting in the Bowls Centre which is to the right of the Main Building, through a metal gate.

Parking.   Please park in front of the Main Stadium – if you have a Blue Badge please use the allocated disabled parking spaces.  If necessary, park in front of the Wooden Huts but please do not block the doorways.

By Bus

The Redline 50 bus leaves the bus station (bay 5) at 9.15 and stops at the Elm Farm shops from where you can walk under the railway into the back of he stadium complex. Much shorter walk than the alternatives below.

From the bus station catch either the 9 or X30/300.    The X30 and 300 are quicker and more direct.


The X30 leaves the bus station at 9.15
The 300 leaves the bus station at 9.30
The 9 leaves the bus station at 9.05 and 9.20

In both cases get off at the Stadium approach bus stop (the one before the hospital) – and walk along Stadium Approach – about 10 minsFrom Elm Farm it is possible to walk under the railway to the Stadium.