Coach Trips

Please support our co-ordinator by booking and paying for these trips promptly when required. As they become available they will be advertised at the monthly meetings and on this page.

Any queries Contact Outings co-ordinator

IMPORTANT: Please read The Small Print that contains important conditions for members booking and paying for outings.

The departure Point for all outings is the Jansel Square lay-by, Bedgrove near the Sainsbury’s  store.


This is a general statement regarding the “Outings” which I prepared last year. Because of the Corona Virus, it should be obvious that I had to postpone all the trips organised for 2020, until 2021. I contacted all the Houses, both NT and others, and they all agreed that it was a sensible move as all of them were closing anyway for the time being. This also included Motts coaches. Now that we are into 2021, it is clear that our membership won’t be able to assemble at the Stoke Mandeville Bowls Hall for our monthly meetings until at least September, by which time hopefully, all the vaccinations being done there will have been completed. This means that I won’t be able to make lists and take monies for the tips. With this in mind I have decided to postpone for another year, until 2022, the trips organised and insert some new ones for the early part of that year. When we eventually start using the Bowls Hall again, I shall make my usual statements regarding those Outings. I shall be asking the Webmaster to list all those outings on our website for all to see. The Newsletter will also list all the trips for 2022 so anyone not on the net will be able to take part. The usual procedures of Announcements with lists and posters 3 months in advance, and payments made 2 months in advance will take place. Anyone not able to attend the relevant meetings will be able to contact me directly by e-mail, or phone for those without computers. I realise that it will have been a lean 2 years by the time we are all able to get together again but I very much look forward to seeing all my “regulars” and anyone else wanting a good Outing!! Hoping you have all been keeping safe, be well,

Coach Trips