Energy Priority Services Register(PSR)

Energy Priority Services Register





We are all entitled to ask our energy supplier to place us on the register. Most suppliers will have the facility to sign up on-line or you can phone and ask for the appropriate forms. If you have your gas and electricity from different suppliers you will need to register with both (and if you change supplier)

For gas you can call the Customer Careline on 0800 975 1818 to speak to the gas network providers about your supplier’s Priority Services Register or find more information about the PSR here:

The advantages of being registered are:-

  • You will always get more advanced notice of planned power cuts.
  • In the case of an emergency power cut your network supplier may provide emergency heating and cooking facilities.
  • In a power emergency you should be better looked after
  • Identification scheme to reassure you that any callers claiming to be from the energy company really are genuine. You can agree with the company to have a password which all callers must use.
  • Quarterly meter readings for those finding it difficult to access/read the meters

Read more about it here