Where: Church of the Holy Spirit, Bedgrove

When: Third Tuesday of each month between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm.

Note: We have a tea/coffee break at about 3.00 pm too!

We have plenty of room for members and new folk to join us in the main church area, which lends itself quite well to talks and discussions about History Topics.  Everyone who comes is made very welcome.  All you need is a fascination for History, an enthusiasm for learning more facts and a willingness to share it with others!

The group studies periods and events from British and World History.  Since COVID, we have re-opened the group for face-to-face meetings and have covered some social history topics in the Victorian Era.
Our program will be put onto the website diary.

As we have to pay for the rental of the Hall, we ask each person to contribute a modest sum of money each term. The amount will vary depending on numbers of members and the number of sessions that we have each term. We also ask members to contribute to a session at times by researching particular subjects and speaking about them for 20-25 minutes, or even for the whole session if they feel inclined.  Come along and enjoy talking about History with fellow enthusiasts and broadening our combined knowledge of the subject.