Local Energy Advice Programme(LEAP)

We felt that this information might be of interest to some of our members.

LEAP is funded by energy suppliers and is a FREE service, providing important advice, support and energy saving measures and is open to all who meet certain criteria. (These criteria are not terrible onerous and many of us will qualify on one or more of the health grounds). You can find more details about the scheme here and see the eligibility criteria.

 or Freephone telephone 0800 060 7567

If you are accepted, an appointment will be made for an advisor to visit your home and offer practical advice on energy saving, supply switching etc and they may be able to immediately fit free some energy saving devices e.g. led lamps, draught proofing, radiator reflectors etc.

If you do not feel that you might benefit from this service please pass the information on to any elderly neighbours who might.

IMPORTANT it really is FREE and is not a hard selling opportunity.