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She met him by the trolley park,
They both arrived together.
He passed a trolley out to her
Remarking on the weather.

They pushed their trolleys side by side,
Though not a word was said.
He made his way towards the fish,
She shot off to the bread.

She knew that they would meet again
On some exotic aisle……..
It happened at the sweetest spot,
Just by the Tate and Lyle!

And then again up different aisles,
Their trolleys almost bumping,
She thought he’d hear her ‘giveaway‘
By the way her heart was thumping.

Towards the checkout, side by side,
They looked at one another,
Had she at last lassoed a chap,
To take to show her mother ?

She gathered close to hear his words,
Sweet words to change her life ;……
“Where did you get your sweater from?
I’d like one for my wife!“

Mrs.E.Robinson, Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Daily Mail
Submitted by Jeanette Walker



The SILVERSURFERS website offers more ideas to alleviate Cabin Fever so have a look and sign up for their newsletter if you are interested. 
It does have quite a few adverts but also some useful articles

Weston TurvilleU3A@home

Our friends at Weston Turville have set up a page to entertain/inform their members during our period of isolation. They welcome our members to visit their site

Staying Fit

AgeUK has some advice on staying healthy and keeping fit

Keeping in Touch

If you are behind the times(like me!) and would like to use your ‘spare’ time to catch up with all this new-fangled technology there is a guide to using your smartphone/tablet/pc to keep in touch using video technology. Give it a try !

Free On-Line Learning Opportunities

If you are looking for intellectual stimulation then Hazel suggests that you look at the wide range of the free on-line courses offered by the Universities through Future Learn

Help Research

Researchers at Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital are seeking help in their research into the spread of the Covid19 virus and are looking for volunteers to daily report their health even when feeling fit and healthy. If you would like to find out more use the link below

(Thank you to Ian Harper for bring this to our attention)

History Repeats Itself

Some pictures and a poem relating to the Spanish flu pandemic that killed more people than died in WW1.

Thank you to Val Sanson for finding them