Watermead Aerial Photo

Phil Toler responded to our requests for pictures of Aylesbury with a photo we thought too good to just place in the carousel. It was taken in August 2018 of Watermead village. In the foreground are the two lakes with the larger one on the right suffering a blue-green algae bloom which can be compared with the clear smaller lake on the left. Phil says that is the only time this has happened in the 26 years he has lived here.

Background information
Cyanobacteria or ‘blue-green algae’, a type of blooming algae, can produce toxins. These toxins can kill wild animals, livestock and pets. They can also harm people, producing rashes after skin contact and illnesses if swallowed.
Algal blooms block sunlight from reaching other plants in the water. They also use up oxygen in the water at night which can suffocate fish and other creatures. Oxygen is also used up when the bloom decays.

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Free online Material

In the present climate many organisations are offering free online access to their products e.g. plays, musicals, operas,  concerts, books, museums, gardens etc.  We have tried to gather a few of them together for you to explore. The list is by no means exhaustive and will be added to as new material comes to light

Confined to Quarters

We have created a new area of the website with various activities and information to help ease us through this difficult period. Hopefully you will find something there to entertain/inform/interest you.

We will be holding our regular Monthly Meeting using Zoom until the situation changes.

Some groups continue  in various ways  or are making contributions to this website.

Please contact the group leader for the latest information

Local Images supplied by our Photography Group & Others

Photographs above supplied by the Photography for Pleasure Group

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