Small Print – Coach Outings


Day Trips – As you will understand we often have to make financial commitments upfront when organising a trip. For this reason you will be asked to pay at the time of booking (please make sure cheques are payable to “Aylesbury Vale U3A No.2 A/c”). Refunds may be given for cancellation up to 5 weeks before the trip unless part of the payment has to be committed in advance e.g. payment of entrance fees, in which case you will be advised at the time of booking and only the balance will be refunded.

Less than 5 weeks before the trip refunds will not normally be given. We will be as flexible as possible because we realise that for all sorts of very good reasons last minute cancellations can occur. Wherever possible we will refund any monies which we have not paid in advance e.g. if we are paying admission charges on the day of the visit. The element that is for the coach and any admission fees etc. that have to be pre-paid cannot be refunded for cancellations less than 5 weeks from the trip.

In case of cancellation in the period of less than five weeks, and there is a reserve list, it will be up to the two parties to come to a private arrangement.

Study Tours – When booking for a study tour you will be asked for a deposit which will cover your share of payments to which the party is firmly committed e.g. the coach. all or part of this deposit may be non-refundable. Once the accommodation has to be confirmed the balance will be required and all or part of this may be non-refundable. We will always try to refund whatever monies are not committed but for your own protection you are urged to take out your own holiday insurance to cover yourself (Please make sure that it includes UK holidays). In the case of foreign holidays, which must be organised by a commercial tour operator, their terms and conditions on cancellations and refunds will apply.