Sounds of 50s/60s/70s

Sounds of the 60s & Sounds of the 50s/70s

Currently both groups are combined and meet on the 4th Tuesday in the month at 2.00 pm
Currently the group is meeting via Zoom but hope to return to meeting at the Tennis Club as soon as circumstances allow.
So that maximum number of members can enjoy the presentations, where possible they are made into YouTube videos and the links are shown below.
It is not always possible to create a YouTube video so we are experimenting with an alternative method of giving members access via a ‘Members Only‘ area which is protected by a password.
Members of both groups will receive the necessary password to gain access
Even if you are normally unable to attend the Tuesday meeting you are welcome to join the group and receive notifications of the presentations and access them through YouTube or the Members only area. You will need to register with  The Leader  for details and the password 

Sounds of the 60s

If these presentations leave you needing more – have you considered Radio Caroline Flashback which plays 50/60/70s music throughout the day.  It is available on Android or Alexa by entering the station name or via your browser on phone/laptop/tablet using this link

(Thanks to Eric Denham for this suggestion)