Tai Chi

Where: Multicultural Centre, Aylesbury

When: Mondays 14.00-15.30


Tai Chi is good for us! In The last few years there has been considerable interest from the medical profession in using Tai Chi as a therapy to regain balance and mobility. Learning Tai Chi enables people of all ages to remain active, and being active goes a long way to alleviating many of the health problems that accompany ageing.
Some of the core qualities acquired by learning and practising Tai Chi are rooting, using heel to toe action and remaining in alignment, which helps balance; improvement of the mind in awareness which will help someone unsteady on their feet avoid falls.
Although Tai Chi does not focus on strengthening muscle groups, it still has this effect in key areas of the lower body and around the pelvic area important in maintaining balance. It also helps to maintain suppleness and flexibility so that muscles are not tight and pulling joints out of alignment, enabling older people to remain on their feet and be healthy.

This class is open to new members and we do have a Beginners’ Class.