Wine Appreciation-2

Where: Members’ Homes

When: 3rd Wednesday of the month 14.30-16.30

We meet for a very friendly look at wines that have been selected either by grape, country, producer or seller. The results are frequently interesting and not always expected. We seem to be on our third tour of the Wine World, but as so many countries now produce wine we’re sure we won’t run out of samples to taste or get bored. We do notice that the cost of wine is going up and so have looked at some very cheap wines as well as the more recognised ‘brands’ with some very pleasant surprises, especially when we compared some of the sparkling wines available.

As somebody will be driving we restrict ourselves to three bottles of wine. Each meeting we choose wine for the next meeting and a volunteer to host it. There are ‘tasting sheets’ so that we can make our own record of wines we like – very handy when the supermarkets are having special offers.

The group is currently full but if you are interested going on the waiting list please contact the Group Leader