Growing up in Grimsby

Shirley Stokes's account


Early childhood in London

Life as a Bevin Boy

The late Alan Dell's story


Mary Wright's Story

High Wycombe

Gerry Keep's account, written for his neice

Evacuated to the Seaside

Sylvia Sherwood's life in Brighton

Whitchurch etc

Ron Adams recalls

Notes for schools

Stan Ball's document he used for school talk

Life in Aylesbury

Barbara Fell's story

A View from Scotland

James Grieve's story

Wendover Home Guard

From the Wendove Home Guard magazine of 1941

Evacuated from Coventry

The late Joan Schoon's story of life in Coventry and evacuation. Thanks to Ed for allowing us access to her papers (The illustrations have been added by us)

Coventry - Ed Schoons Thoughts

Ed has put together some points about his early life