Joining a Zoom Meeting

Attached are some notes that you can download/print to help you join  either a group or monthly meeting.  The process depends on the device you are using – most PCs and laptops will be Windows. To supplement the notes there are YouTube videos.

Setting up a Zoom Meeting (Group Leaders)

Here are some brief notes for group leaders who wish to set up a Zoom meeting for their group. Once again it depends on the device you are using.(If you need any further help please contact  us)

Sharing Your Screen

It is sometimes useful to be able share images/videos/programs that you are running on your own computer.  Here are some brief notes to help (sorry only YouTube for iPad at the moment)

Thank you to Derek Ayshford, Heather Edwards, Gay Hancock and Norman & Marilyn Mcrae for sharing their iPad knowledge and putting up with my frequent requests for help