Readers’ Circle-2

Where: Members’ Homes

When: Monthly Wednesday 10.30-12.00

This group was started in September 2007. After a short discussion on things in general we then get down to the real business of dissecting the book we have been reading that month. There are often opinions given which don’t match others showing that each person’s interpretation of a story can be very different! This makes for a lively discussion each month!! We all contribute to choosing a book for the month – either recommended in the media or encompassing one of our members’ particular likes i.e. historical, family sagas, fiction and non-fiction, biographies, etc.

In addition to a book choice in August, we enjoy a day out for lunch and chat about our various personal reads amongst other things. Most importantly, we quite often read a book which normally would not have crossed our minds to read. Sometimes we go to old favourites. New publications are also read if they appeal. Very occasionally a DVD of a book made into a film is enjoyed. This is a way of enjoying books with friendly and like-minded people and can fill both summer and winter leisure time indoors or out. A good way to spend time learning.

The group is currently full, if you would like to join this group in the future, please contact the Group Leader to have your name added to the waiting list.