Study Groups



Study groups are the heart of the U3A and the Aylesbury Vale U3A covers a wide range of subjects and interests as you will see form the list below. U3A members can be a member of any number of groups. Groups are operated autonomously by group leaders and their deputy. A link to each group is set out below  which will show the group objectives and meeting arrangements.

The title ‘Study Group’ is admittedly rather formal but many groups are far from formal and all try to be interesting and entertaining where appropriate. It should be noted that some groups have to impose a charge – for meeting rooms, transportation, resources etc. – but this is kept to a minimum and will be disclosed upon enquiry.

There is a monthly summary of the group meetings here in landscape format

If your area of interest is not covered here then perhaps you would consider starting a group of your own! Contact our group coordinator with your ideas.

Our study groups:

Alphabetical list of our current groups. Click on button for details.  

To contact the group leader, members may use the email address or telephone number on the list distributed periodically to all members by our groups co-ordinator or the contact form for the appropriate group (where available  – work in progress).

Non-members wishing to find out more should use the contact form or the email address given for each group