HS2 and its impact on the Chilterns

Our speaker, Keith Hoffmeister of the Chiltern Society has kindly allowed us to make a recording of his talk available to our members. To access the recording you will need the password recently circulated to all members in an email. Please do not share this password with non-members.   The recording will remain on line for a couple of weeks.  You will be well informed (and probably angry!) after watching this.

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Mirthy on-line talks

MirthyTalks  are offering a FREE talk every Thursday which is open to U3A members to join in. They also offer talks for a small fee(£2.99)

The talks are viewed from the comfort and safety of your own home, so click on the link below to register for the talk – there will be a live Q&A with the speaker and a chance to interact with other attendees by typing comments in a chat box. 

After registering for an event, you will receive an email containing a link to attend the talk.  Talks are between 30 mins and 45 mins long

Full Details & Registration


  • 15th Apr 4.00 pm – Food of the Gods – A History of our love affair with Chocolate
  • 22nd Apr 4.00 pm – London’s Theatreland
  • 29th Apr 4.00 pm – A Policeman’s Lot

Charged (£2.99)

  • 10th Apr 11.00 am – Parks and Gardens of Flanders
  • 13th Apr 4.00 pm – Endangered Wildlife and Conservation
  • 14th Apr 11.00 am – History and Mystery of Hypnosis
  • 17th Apr 11.00 am – Cascades Gardens: From Jungle to Paradise
  • 20th Apr 4.00 pm – The Legacy of Antoni Gaudi
  • 21st Apr 11.00 am – Murder, Sex and Mayhem in English Churches
  • 27th Apr 4.00 pm – Witness to History : Hong Kong
  • 28th Apr 11.00 am – What’s in a Name? The Origins & Meanings of Surnames
  • 30th Apr 4.00 pm – ‘The Skylark’s Secret’ by Fiona Valpy – Book Club Event

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Includes:- some amusing candidates for safety awards, suggestions for maintaing a level of insanity in old age, some politically incorrect adverts of old, some more cartoons and another collection of amusing videos selected by Chiltern U3A

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Examples of work being done by our painting and art and craft groups 

Watermead Aerial Photo

Phil Toler responded to our requests for pictures of Aylesbury with this photo. It was taken in August 2018 of Watermead village. In the foreground are the two lakes with the larger one on the right suffering a blue-green algae bloom which can be compared with the clear smaller lake on the left. Phil says that is the only time this has happened in the 26 years he has lived here.

Background information
Cyanobacteria or ‘blue-green algae’, a type of blooming algae, can produce toxins. These toxins can kill wild animals, livestock and pets. They can also harm people, producing rashes after skin contact and illnesses if swallowed.
Algal blooms block sunlight from reaching other plants in the water. They also use up oxygen in the water at night which can suffocate fish and other creatures. Oxygen is also used up when the bloom decays.