Thames Valley Network on-Line Courses

National On-Line Courses

  • 4th Mar Drifting Continents- Geology
  • 4th Mar The Wonders of the World, old & new
  • 4th Mar Cyber Security, Stating safe on-line
  • 8th Mar Leonardo De Vinci. Would he have made a good u3a member?
  • 8th Mar Egyptology: Women in Ancient Egypt
  • 17th Mar FIRE-A Century of the Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • 22nd Mar Springtime Treats – Vegetarian
  • 25th Mar Paradigm of Plate Tectonics – Geology
  • 31st Mar Where did our old favourite plants come from?

Free on-line talks

MirthyTalks  are offering a FREE talk every Thursday which is open to U3A members to join in. 

The talks are viewed from the comfort and safety of your own home, so click on the link below to register for the talk – there will be a live Q&A with the speaker and a chance to interact with other attendees by typing comments in a chat box. 

After registering for an event, you will receive an email containing a link to attend the talk.  Talks are between 30 mins and 45 mins long

Full Details & Registration

  • 4th Mar 4.00 pm – The Devil’s Daughter and Me
  • 11th Mar 4.00 pm – The London no-body tells you about
  • 18th Mar 4.00 pm – Morecombe & Wise
  • 25th Mar 4.00 pm – Tibetan Journey

The link above will also show you other talks for which a fee (about £3 per machine) is charged.

Vaccination Update

The Centres at the Bowl Centre run by the Aylesbury and surrounds GPs and the Odeon run by the local pharmasists are both up and running.  Your G will contact you and  and offer you the opportunity to book an appointment at the Bowls Centre  or you may get a letter from the National NHS offering you  the opportunity to book an appointment at one of the National Centres or one of the pharmacy run centres e.g. the Odeon. The GPs seem to issuing their invites by priority group in alphabetical order..

Beware Scammers at Large

Unfortunately there are still scammers at large trying to take the opportunity to get cash or your personal details during this difficult time.  They have gone to great lengths to make their website look very much like an official NHS one.  Remember the NHS has all the personal information about you that they need so will not ask you to ‘verify’ yourself by asking for bank details, passport details etc.

Some more details on the BBC Website

u3a Radio

The latest episode of u3a radio is out on this YouTube channel now. Interviews include a Barnet u3a member who featured in Britain’s Got Talent, two members who created a course on how to retire with attitude, and a chef from Vegetarian for Life who has been doing virtual cookery demonstrations to u3a members.

Groups – The Latest

These Groups are continuing to meet in various ways e.g. Zoom, email, telephone etc. If you are interested please contact the group leader for details.

Camping & Caravanning.
Creative Writing 1.
Creative Writing 2.
Gentle Walks.
German Conversation.
Lets Talk French.
Poetry 1.
Poetry 2.
Poetry 3.
Quiz Group.
Readers Circle 1.
Readers Circle 2.
Readers Circle 3.
Sounds of the Sixties.
Sounds of the Fifties and Seventies.
Local Walks.

Photography for Pleasure may join them soon.

Bus Passes

Although you may not have used it recently – have you checked your bus pass?

You may find that it ran out on your last birthday.

You can renew online.

or ringing the automated telephone service

 01296 873 011.