Delivery Scam

Gay would like to share this warning with you and we know that she is not the only one who has received this or something similar, not always from DPD. This time of year we really need to be alert to these scams

I received an email  this morning from DPD saying they had tried to deliver a parcel twice (at  the time given for today we were indoors and nobody knocked ), and the other two of further instructions which were trying to get me to reveal my bank details by making a payment. The website looks very convincing. I phoned DVD customer services and they said they had had numerous calls, it is a scam and DVD never sends emails.

She has shared the very convincing documentation with us – have a look – might you have fallen for it?


Free on-line talks

MirthyTalks  are offering a FREE talk every Thursday which is open to U3A members to join in. 

The talks are viewed from the comfort and safety of your own home, so click on the link below to register for the talk – there will be a live Q&A with the speaker and a chance to interact with other attendees by typing comments in a chat box. 

After registering for an event, you will receive an email containing a link to attend the talk.  Talks are between 30 mins and 45 mins long

26th Nov 2.00 pm Hey Diddle Diddle – The History and Meaning of Nursery Rhymes

3rd Dec 4.00 pm California Dreaming

10th Dec 4.00 pm A Christmas Entertainment

17th Dec 4.00 pm 50 Years in TV

24th Dec 4.00 pm Santa Claus and All Things Christmas

31st Dec 4.00 pm Singing My Way to the Stars

TV Licence Scam

Please be aware there are a number of TV licence scams circulating at the moment.

If in any doubt go to the Official TV Licensing Site.

Here is some advice on TV Licence scams.

Sample Scam

Due to outdated TV Licence account details, your account has been flagged and it will be suspended if you will provide no response at this Notification.
Next up you need to verify your TV Licence account.
How to easily update your TV Licensing.
To update your details, you will need to tell us:

Step 1: your personal details like date of birth, current address and phone number.
Step 2: your payment method.
Step 3: your official identity informatio.

Updating your account regularly is easy to do and could help keep the cybercriminals even further away from accessing your personal and financial information.

Kind regards,

Alice Porter Senior. Manager Secure Sites  TVL Digital

U3A Radio

Third Age Trust have launched their own radio station  run by volunteers with contributions from group leaders and key figures in the U3A movement and it will explore the theme of u3a Looking Forward. 

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now.

Do you think your story might be of interest? Get in touch. 



Ela Watts is photographed here producing content for u3a Radio.